Lamb & Beef Curries

Lamb Saag

A classic curry of succulent lamb and fresh English spinach gently simmered in exotic spices and finished wth yoghurt and fresh coriander

Large $22 – Small $12

Rogan Josh

A mildly spicy, classic lamb curry, deriving its rich texture from almonds and coconut. Gently simmered in yoghurt and aromatic spices and then finished with fresh coriander.

Large $22- Small $12

Beef Madras

An aromatic medium beef curry, robust and pungent in flavour

Large $19 – Small $11

Cardamon Beef

A spicy but delicate beef curry with a rich gravy fill of the flavour of cardamon and black pepper

Large $20 – Small $11

Bombay Beef

A tangy, spicy beef curry, gently simmered with tomatoes and exotic spices balanced by a coconut milk finish

Large $22 – Small $11

Beef Vindaloo

A fiery beef curry made using a unique blend of hot aromatic spices and vinegar to give it its distinctive flavour

Large $22 – Small $11